Splatoon2 – Week One Sales (UK)


Splatoon2 is finally available for the Nintendo Switch and, based on UK sales data, the game is off to a good start.

The inky shooter has debuted at #2 in the All Formats chart, beaten only by the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy on PlayStation4. Considering the PS4 has a much larger install base than the Switch, I’d say that’s pretty good going.

For those interested in how this compares to the original game’s week-one sales, Splatoon2 shifted approximately 59% more units than it’s predecessor. Not bad at all considering the original game’s RRP was £34.99, whereas Splatoon2 is selling at around £49.99…

As you might expect, the release of Splatoon2 has also meant an increase in other Switch software sales. Mario Kart 8 has climbed back up to #4 (previously #13), BOTW is now at #6 (previously #18) and even 1-2 Switch has re-joined the top 40 at #24.

I must admit I’ve been a bit greedy this month, picking up a 4K TV and upgrading my PS4 to a PS4 Pro. Sadly that means I won’t be picking up a copy of Splatoon2 until Pay Day this weekend. I’m hoping to then post my thoughts on it sometime next week.

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